Muchute Farm

...This is what we sang all the way from home to the farm. A song from our favourite "Barney visits the farm" CD. 
"We're on the way, we're on the way, on the way to grandpa's farm...
On our grandpa's farm there is a little pink pig...
On our grandpa's farm there is a little pink pig..
The pig it makes a sound like this - OINK OINK "

... umm, no "little pink pig"here. One big hog though. How much it ate and how much it weighed, we wondered !

The day was lovely, which is always a bonus in London.  And turkeys and sheep seemed to be in good mood. The goats though were in bit of a foul mood, and they fought with their heads ramming into each other...but seemed to have made up.

The little little guinea pigs in their pens we cute , so were the rabbits ..
But the best of all were the magnificient, elegantly trotting away with the equally elegant looking little women in their riding gear.

The riding school was on, and my lil guy seemed very fascinating. We promised them we would come back when Ved is 5 yrs old, which was the minimum age for riding.

Visit to the Mudchute farm was our first "city farm" visit. And a nice little experience at that . 

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