Roman Bath

The train journey from london to Roman Bath is a treat for the eyes tired of bustling city life. The vast green lands dotted with sheep and horses, present the most refreshing 2 hours one can spend on a train. 

Our visit to the Roman bath was a beautiful experience.
The Abbey was welcoming - abuzz with tourists and poppies on a cross marking "Rememberence day"(Poppy Day) 

Snapshots from our visit to The Bath - 

 The Abbey with its amazing stained glass windows, and poppies to mark Rememberance day

The Public Bath - Hot water bubbles up from a spring..steam rises from the water giving it a magnicfient look

In the past this natural phenomenon was beyond human understanding and it was believed to be the work of the ancient gods. In Roman times a great Temple was built next to the Spring dedicated to the goddess Sulis Minerva, a deity with healing powers.

Fourteen pieces (in the first photo) of carved stone have been found from the decorative front of the Temple to Sulis Minerva , a projected image of original piece , some artifacts from Roman lifestyle

Interestingly, curses were written and thrown in the spring. These curses were mostly complaints against crimes committed and also curses against suspected crime-doers.

On top Bronze, gilded head of the goddess Sulis Minerva, The king's bath, some artifacts, the decorated spring drain, the goddess of Minerva in bronze, a stone head that decorated a wealthy, fashionable lady's tomb , and a "Roman" preist (Ved kept asking why he wasnt taking bath, or why he is still there if he's finished ! ! )

Where we go goes the McQueen, dietiess of Romans  --- Vedaant concentrating on audio tour --- the "Britain from air" exhibition, outings are incomplete without ice-creams, photo of mom n dad by Ved.


  1. Real cool. Ancient stories are fascinating. Thanks for taking us on a small trip to Roman bath . Keep writing, nice blog

  2. Thanks for the wonderful pictures!