Markets of London

Borough Market
Enticing smell of 'fresh' veggies n fruits, vendors tempting with samples and customers trying to squeeze their way through crowds.I had almost forgotten after shopping in supermarkets what this felt like ! Today's borough market visit brought memories of childhood when we did a weekly trip to the huge vegetable market back home in India.
 Borough Market near London Bridge is one of the largest food Markets in London, with traders coming from many parts in the UK to sell their products.

While it is more 'English' , there is a lot of other cuisines that have also found place in the market like the Turkish and Spanish.  There is a whole lot more than just fruits and veggies on the offer though, apart from the experience itself.

Fresh fruit Juice hard to resist ..watermelon, mango, ginger-apple, orange, pineapple-apple-banana, smoothies .....

Detox combos - soups and juices for healthy mind 'n body

Greek flavored honey - spiced up with ginger, cinnamon...awweesome

Sugarfree "liquorice"(jeshthmadhu) sweets and candies

Just cheese....walnut cheese...and more cheese 

Organic Cereal

Sampling marinated olives ..yummmm

Jams and pickles

Cute lil cactus, amongst a splash of colourful boy was so happy to have one!

French bread and pastry

Found someone bee-utiful lurking in one corner of the market too   :)
We skipped the meat and fish section, and am sure a couple of others too...

Surely pricier than supermarkets, this place demands its price for quality. The vendors are friendly  engaging with conversations about their food, their land, their country and the free samples they tempt you with can drive your taste buds crazy. My lil boy experimented with all types of food and even made us promise we would come back for some of the sweet pepper jam and flax bars.  Couldn't imagine this was the lil guy who refused to try any new tastes less than a year back :)
Artichoke and cranberry beans that I picked up ......
now I need to find how to cook them ...
For someone just shelling the beans is fun too...

....coming soon -covent garden and camden market

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