Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight with friends Lakshmi, Anand and lil Kavya was a short holiday.While I suppose we missed out on quite a few attractions, the ferry, Owl and Monkey Haven and Amazon Zoo surely added some wonderful pages to our memoir. 
Waiting for the ferry to the isle

Gurnard Pines is where we stayed ..a country resort, pretty remote and commute to the bus stop meant long long walks. Its a wonder how our lil ones co-operated so much...thanks to the greenery around and having each other for company.

At amazon zoo, a simulated environment ..

Trying out some monkey moves outside the mokey haven..:)
The variety of owls in the owl and mokey haven ...and the parrots, toucans...what a splash of colur !

Tribal tools, n musical instruments

 Surprising how much energy these little ones can have packed inside them ! And we thought all that excitement, the long walks and the running around was going to make them go straight to bed on return :)). Hmm there was lot more on their agenda though ...


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  1. Lakshmi AnandJune 09, 2012

    brought back those sweet memories. we shud plan another one, been such a long time.