Museum of Transport

Awww! Just look at that !

If you ask me - Heaven looks like the Museum of Transport :) to a 3 year old with its steam engines,  horse carraiges, buggies, the trams, buses and toys in the play area.

Located conviniently in Covent Garden the chillout place in London for tourists Museum of Transport is a perfect place for Dad's n kids while mommies hang out in the handicraft market next door !

Mom 'n Reshma aunty with an 1826 omnibus
2 Vedaant's atop a steam engine from bygone times

Did you know?  
 London in 1800 was compact, most people got around on foot. During the century, innovations in river, railways, and road transport changed Londoners' lives fundamentally.

River Thames - Wherries were the first river taxis. Introduction of steamboats in 1815 increased passenger transport. By 1850s these carried several million passengers annually.

Railways - The railway boom in 1830s and 1840s meant new routes into London. By the 1870s, nearly all journeys to and from London were made by rail.

 Streets - Light horse-drawn cabs became fashionable among rich Londoners. From 1829 others travelled on London's Shillibeer horse buses. Horse-drawn trams challenged the supremacy of the horse bus after 1870. 
London Underground

Today, London's underground network is a mind-boggling impressive mesh of trains that more than one billion passengers a year, as many as the entire National Rail network, with around three and a half million journeys made each day, on 11 lines serving 270 stations (See map below )
The wooden city layout in the playarea. Neat Vintage wheelers at the back , aint it? 

The Tube roundel
Map of london underground


  1. This is the kind of stuff i miss so terribly out here in Pune. Have fun blogging. Enjoy, Hema

  2. Rohan uncle 'n Jaya auntyOctober 08, 2010

    Showed the pics to Shaunak, and hez been asking 'when are we going' since. Get ready to host us, Vedaant dear. You asked for it :)