Lion king - The Musical

Ever since I watched " The Lion king" musical some six years back, it has stayed with me as one of the most beautiful experiences for its exquisite display of human imagination. The entire concept, the stage, the costumes , the performances......everything is so spellbinding! It is not a surprise then, that it has made history as the longest running live performance, having opened in 1999 and running successfuly till date ....its 2013 ! 

I have been simply waiting for Vedaant to grow up enough to be able to enjoy the theatrical experience. So when we went again, I was as anxious to watch it once more, as I was to see reactions of my hubby and especially Ved. And as expected his reactions did not dissappoint. He went " Oh man!" "Awww.......look" "Woooww" "See that?" throughout the show :) . Its been about a week since  and not a day has passed without Vedaant mentioning something about it. He's been humming "The lion sleeps tonight" while doing Lego, during bath and all the time.

I've been wondering about the thought process behind the creation of such a beautiful spectacle, and luckily enough here it is . Hats off ! 

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