Ice Sculpting festival - Canary Wharf

Each year, in January, London is host to ice scuptors from different parts of the world, who, in front of delighted spectators turn gleaming blocks of ice into stunningly beautiful pieces of art. 

In contrast to the endless piecs of art immortalized in London's endless list of museums, it is amazing to see the passion with which these artists go about their stuff, knowing that their creations will not last for more than a day !!

We gathered enough spunk to go take a look in the chilly weather. The sculptors, however, did their share spreading warmth not only with their art but at the same time engaging watchers in joyful jokes (esp the US team). 

Vedaant's reaction at seeing the artists in action had me amused and highly surprised ,though. He stayed totally glued  for hours, long after I had retreated with aching toes into the underground station and inspite of his dads attempts at breaking him away when it got too cold. Eventually when a frozen daddy ended up tearing him away, we had one upset little 5 year old to deal with. :)

 The theme for 2013 was Infinity and Wonders of the world. Here's what got my lil one so spellbound.

This was at the last years festival, trying our hand at chiselling a Polar Bear ..didn't do bad for a first timer !

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