Sheffield - A delight ...

Cities , like people, have their own character. Sheffield is a city that is quick to make an impression as soon as you land. A city of young people, thanks to its universities, Sheffield appeared to us uniquely youthful and yet laid back at the same time – something difficult to explain. 

Something that instantly caught our eye was the graffiti and murals strewn around the city's walls. I personally loved it but, as I understand, the administration is trying to deal with its nusiance value too. While it threatens wiping out of the bright works of urban art , there are some graffiti lovers who are trying to encourage more tolerance and appreciation in support of letting the nicer works be.
I do hope they would leave some of the real artwork alone.


Another interesting trend seems to be display of what i call "literarary art". There were quotes on walls of library, and then as seen below Poems by Anderew Motion and Jarvis Cocker on Student Accomadation  and Hallam University's tallest building.

Sheffield's Off the Shelf Festival, a festival that celebrates Words , has been has alluring participants for over 10 years . Possibly this is what has led to pieces of public literary art around town ...

Courtesy: Photography from  since we could not capture these in the rains

Our 3 day itinerary (which took us out to Chatsworth and Hope Valley ) actually left us with only a few hours to explore the city of Sheffield. The city's arty feel, the scenic Tram ride, the buzzing shopping area in Centre of the town left us wanting to come back.

 Sometimes it is just your upbeat mood that is reflected by surroundings, and perhaps that is also the case with our Sheffield experience,  but something tells me there is more and we will be going back again sometime..possibly during the "Off the Shelf" festival.

This place  strewn with wild flowers looked stunning as we passed it on our Tram ride

Christ Church in Central Sheffield...a beautiful couple took their vows here ..
Tram ride alternating between road and hills ! ...It got us so excited
...and put us to sleep on the way back..zzzzz
Outside Sheffield station..

The oops moment :)

Sheffield's winter garden is one of UK largest temperate glasshouses. Ummm...not really that big, but charming nevetheless. My lil boy got totally mesmerized by the colourful pallete of flowers in there . 

And this is my lil guy going crazy blast in the biiiig hotel window

And our Sheffield inspired graffiti !

A lil graffiti of our own, inspired from Sheffield urban art


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