"Devil's Arse"


Interestingly, Peak Cavern, a major attraction in Peak District, was earliar known as "Devil's Arse"  - after the faltulent noises that used to come from the cave (lol lol). The name was changed to Peak Cavern during Queen Victoria's visit , but eventually the vulgar name made it more popular :)

Travelling to the caves from Sheffield on a rainy day, especially on top berth of a bus was beautiful. The road leads through Peak District's National Park ..a land greener than any other in UK. In fact, as I know it, since 34th if Sheffield lies in the national park, it boasts of the largest man to trees ratio anywhere in Europe! The road is wonderful, winding through the not very high, but hilly area through avenues, fields and scattered campsites, beautiful homes with ravising gardens from which old men and ladies waved to us as we passed.

Peak Cavern itself , mostly natural, is a series of 4 caves, out of which we were able to cover one.

The entrance to the cave at the end of a stream, is hidden beautifully during the walk to it and comes into view suddenly around a turn, which is quite a surprise. Me thinks, the grand entrance is much more fascinating than the caves itself. As for Vedaant, this place was straight out of "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" !!! So all the while we were inside, he was Jake, I was Izzy and daddy was Cubby :)

The caves are barren rock formations, without any carvings or sculputures, and thankfully no graffiti.Full marks to our guide, who made this place fantastically mysterious with her stories about the mine workers, ghosts, queen's visit, movie shoots. And for making us see all sorts of shapes like father Christmas, eagle etc. in the rock formations apart from freaking us out with spooky stories of her own experiences and those of others.

If you look closely in the last pic you will see a kind of rail track on the side. Mine workers had to lie on their backs, on a wheeled carraige which took them further inside the caves. This is where the caves are blocked for public. 

Once outside the "Arse" it was time to get some fresh air ... ...and a lil reward for being good :)

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