Chatsworth House - Chesterfield

As someone has put it rightly - It is difficult to travel for over fifteen munites in UK and not stumble across some building that has been declared as a national heritage site :). So when hubby's itinerary included "Chatsworth house", I thought "not another royal home...must be like Buckingham Palace". But the reviews on tripadvisor and husband both convinced me otherwise and I conceded, without having much interest in looking it up on the net. However, not trying to find out more about the place was, in retrospect, a good thing, since it would indeed have spoiled the pleasant surprise that awaited us there.

Sheffield to Chatsworth House, or Matlock, was a good hour and half long journey by bus. Once again passing through the greenery of national park (as we did on our trip to peak cavern), the fields, scattered localities and occasional market areas kept us beautifully occupied and fresh on arrival. However, going on a long weekend also meant traffic jams and counting cars for as long as we could see. Umm, if you ask me cars should be banned in places like these ..with more public transport being made available. Not only is it unfair on the driver to not be able to truly enjoy the serenity, but the place can do without the fumes too.

Nevertheless.... the initial sight of Chatsworth house, a lone beautiful yellow tinged structure standing majestically all alone in the massive stretch of green is simply grand and ignites enough curiosity about what would it would be like on the inside.

We chose to do the garden first, which was Vedaant's decision. The entrance and the view gives absolutely no inkling of the amazing garden that lies behind the palatial home, which is now the only living royal home in the UK.

We thouroughly enjoyed walking through the not overly maintained garden. The wild plants and wooded places, the beautiful flora and fauna, the water areas, the rocks we climbed on , the maze and the art pieces took most part of our visit. 

The floral extravaganza in Chatsworth house gardens...awwwee inspiringg.....

The insides of the house were interesting and beautiful showcasing royalty in splendour. Much more impressive than Buckingham Palace, this place is a must visit if one goes to Peak District. Since we decideed to deposit the bigger n better camera and stroll around more casually, here are a few clicks with the mobile phone.

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