Bekonscot Model Village

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When we decided to check out this place, less than half an hour from London, we had no idea what a delightful surprise we were in for. Tucked away in the serene setting of Beaconsfield, is the World's oldest litte Model Village.
Eons away from the techno entertainment and flashing images this absolutely delightful place was like a breath of fresh air. There were so many little model trains chugging through
the village..they drove us right into our childhood and in no time we wre squealing at the little scenes presented so beautifully everywhere. Coffee shops, shipping yard, tennis courts , derby races,  soldiers marching or a wedding scene..everything is crafted with amazing detail.

Our boys (Vedaant and Veer) had so much fun trying not to
loose track of their favorite trains all through the village
Wonder if the child within me reveled more, or the parent in me did, watching my lil one go crazy in the little land. Either way, the place was such a delight and with its superbly detailed models of six villages, stuck in 1930's, we could pretty much imagine what Gulliver must've felt like in the land of Lilliputs :).

There is so much to capture......the factories, the pretend fire, the sawmills, the cable cars, forts, stadiums, railway stations, bridges, animals, markets.......we eventually just gave up our cameras and just enjoyed the place ... !

If the child in you needs to be liberated, this is the place that can do the trick for you. Go on...and dont forget to chase down your favourite train :)

Peeping in....don't miss the stained glass piece on top

The fair.. can you hear the familiar fair sounds as the wheel goes round n round?

My very dear friend Poonam, trying to pay a lil bribe at a
Police Station here...errrrrrrmm :]

Model trains stir something inside me.....what about you ??

Told you we abandoned the camera after a while, but even then got some decent collection , and
here it is  


  1. This is so beautiful!!!! wish i can go there sometime!!! and am even more jealous that u got to go with Poonam!!! living in the city we have been trying to meet for so long, but it doesnt seem to work out :(

    1. Oh it was one super experience - getting together with Poonam. And when and if you decide to make a trip too, do let me know.

  2. Wow, this looks so lovely... england is a very beautiful place, was there last year.

  3. Wooow.... i also feel like visiting this village !! Such a wonderful experience :)

  4. Rithu GeorgeJune 12, 2012

    Read your blogs and thoroughly enjoyed it.Made me feel like visiting UK.