Buddhas at the V & A

Wonder how many visits it would take if one had to cover all of 4.5 million items in London's Victoria and Albert Musueum, world's greatest museum of art and design. No idea why we did not end up going before, but rains made us drop in for a quick visit recently. 

There was so much to drive you crazy, its practically impossible to put it down in a blog, though I am sure a few more posts will follow after a couple of visits.  But, seriously if you cannot go personally, then the V & A website truly warrants a visit if art and design is your cuppa tea.

Meanwhile, filling this one with some of what has always held a special place in my heat ..Buddha art ...

Bhumisparsa - the pose just before enlightenment 

Abhaya (fear not) - Buddha in a reassrin pose

Elongated ears

One feature that is regularly used but is not considered a Lakshana is showing the Buddha with elongated earlobes: these are to remind us that the Buddha was once a prince who wore a great deal of jewellery including heavy earrings which stretched out his earlobes. Although he gave up the wearing of any jewellery when he gave up his life of luxury, his earlobes remained elongated.

The Wheel of Law

The Wheel of Law can sometimes be found marked on the soles of the Buddha's feet and the palms of his hand.  It has eight spokes to remind followers that the Buddha taught of the Noble Eightfold Path which outlined eight ways of living. The Wheel itself is a reminder of the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.

Varada - symbolising giving and generosity

Goddess Tara from Tibet

Stone carvings of Buddha - his birth, departing to the forest and his death. On the right - in meditation

And some more  -

Snuff boxes, antique clock, silica eagle..and my lil boy there checking out stuff  :)

And in the same vein some buddhas in my home, including one of my sketches :)


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