Butlins - at Skegness

Butlins - A holiday resort in Skegness with "tailored activities" was not really our idea of a 5 day holiday. If given an option, we would rather be out somewhere out in wilderness, doing a river or a forest trail.  But with weather turning our fingers n toes blue, a resort like Butlins with a lot of indoor entertainment options seemed like a decent option.

Much to my surprise it turned out to be a complete blast !Not only did we enjoy the indoor entertainment, but weather turned out to be less hostile and the resort's outdoor entertainment options were a true treat.

Reaching for the sky

It was a different holiday from whatever we had done till now - with Vedaant grooving to disco in evenings, gaming away at the many gaming stations spread around the resort, zooming down  the swimming pool flumes sending my heart fluttering. 

And the Formula 1 racing ..now can you imagine what that meant for  for our lil champ !

The resort's children's theatre and puppet shows deserve special mention . They were total charmers charmers, and the entertainers were hardcore professionals.What's more, since we are subscribed to the resorts newsletters, we actually ended up booking ourselves in a self-catering apartment at a discounted price and what we got in return was an absolute worthy holiday experience.

So when urban holiday experience beckons, I would say "Go for it " !! 

Photo album at Butlins resort-  A holiday to remember . And a few snapshots here --

Thomas Engine crew entertaining delighted kids

Racing away full speed
And racing away full speed

Cling, Ching, Disshhh, Bang..... adernalin pumping with all the lights n sounds

Puppet theatre - such a delight this was

What better way to beat the cold cold weather

Disco time

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