Street Performers of London

If  there is one thing I absolutely "LOVE" about London, then it is the street performances, and the professional way in which the artists go about conducting them. In a city that pretty much breaths Art with its endless museums, theatres and galleries, it is only but natural that art should spill out on the streets (though I do wish people had more time to pay heed).
A lone guitarist strumming away in a tube station to busy travellers, an artist painting on the banks of river thames, , a magician or an acrobat, people dressed as statues standing still making you wonder if they are really statues...........there is always something that will encourage you to pause and take a breather.

A drone pipe (also known as Didgeridoo) player - a regular at Canary Wharf underground. Amazingly trance- like music comes from the aboriginal instrument - over 2000 ( some beleive more than 40,000) years old with its origins in ancient Australia.

omg does he have bones ?

Gee Charlie Chaplin !
Vedaant and Veer trying to identify maps drawn by chalk on thames river bank
People who appreciated placed coins on their home country.

Invisible !!!!
Feeling shy with Mickey

On a corner in Camden Market, he bowled us s over with his singing ..there were loud claps, cheers as the crowd called for an encore !
Bubble blowers ...

Ice sculptor in Canary Warf

Magic in process ! 

Urban art

African music ...super


Girija in a sword fight ... 
This is one thread I promise to revisited again and again as I post an ode to street performers that give this amazing city more character.

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